Who we are and where we come from

Our Parent Company Ansaldo STS has its headquarters in Genoa and is listed in the Star segment of the Italian stock exchange. 40% of company capital is held by Finmeccanica, which is therefore the company’s principal shareholder.

The Group is an industry leader in signalling and rail transport systems.

The Group, with its worldwide presence, operates in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Western Europe, North Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

We operate throughout the world as lead contractors, system integrators and turnkey suppliers of the largest railway and subway mass transit projects. Group companies provide traffic management, train control, production of signalling systems and maintenance services, all aiming to achieve lasting efficiency and safety for both clients and end-users.

We are the only company listed both on the main board of the Italian stock exchange, FTSE MIB (which includes Italy’s most highly capitalised concerns) and in the Star segment, which groups companies of excellence according to specific requisites, viz. liquidity, corporate governance and transparent disclosure.



Our origins lie in signalling and transport systems, which until the mid-1990s were carried on by Ansaldo Trasporti, a company that pioneered many innovations in its over 150 years of history, such as the design and management of over half the high-speed train systems running in the world, as well as the design of the first driverless subway train.


This year saw the formation of Ansaldo Signal and subsequently Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari, together with Ansaldo Breda in the rolling stock industry, all wholly owned by Finmeccanica, which led to a reorganisation of the whole transportation sector.


Finmeccanica floated the signalling and transport systems businesses on the stock exchange after bringing them under a model of unitary management in order to optimise industrial and commercial synergies.

La storia di Ansaldo


The reorganisation was completed when Ansaldo STS was formed specifically for the purpose of acquiring from Finmeccanica its entire stake in both Ansaldo Signal (which controlled all the Group’s signalling businesses) and Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari (in which the transport systems businesses were concentrated).

As of 31 March 2006 Ansaldo STS was listed in the STAR segment on the Milan stock exchange.

To realise greater synergy and fully coordinate the various businesses - by increasing its size and overall profitability, further expanding in its markets and entering new product segments - a further reorganisation process was set in train in 2006 through which the Group aimed to:

  • include in the mission of the signalling businesses came to include the development of a transportation solutions unit, using shared know-how and experience;
  • rebrand the Group’s subsidiaries under the Ansaldo STS name and uniform the brand, as well as increasing the sense of belonging to a single entity;
  • place the Dutch sub-holding, Ansaldo Signal NV, in liquidation and transfer the Group’s equity interests and legal obligations to Ansaldo STS by means of absorption;
  • merge the two Italian subsidiaries Ansaldo Signalling Ferroviario and Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari into the holding company Ansaldo STS to which operational functions were assigned.



Effective 1 January, the subsidiaries Ansaldo Segnalamento Ferroviario S.p.A. and Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari S.p.A. were merged into Ansaldo STS S.p.A., approved on 20 June 2008 and signed on 26 September 2008.
The US subsidiaries were renamed as follows:

  • Union Switch and Signal Inc. became Ansaldo STS USA Inc.
  • Union Switch and Signal International Co. became Ansaldo STS USA International Co.
  • Union Switch and Signal International Projects Co. became Ansaldo STS USA International Projects Co.
  • Transcontrol Corporation became Union Switch and Signal Inc.

From 29 March of this year Ansaldo STS was included in the FTSE MIB index.

Starting from the 30 June 2009 first-half report, the “Segnalamento” and “Sistemi di Trasporto” Business Units were renamed the ‘Signalling’ and ‘Transportation Solutions’ Business Units with no change to their respective businesses. This change was purely terminological: accordingly, all the Group’s profit and loss and financial disclosures by Business Unit made to date (prior periods and comparative periods), including the values given in the IPO prospectus of March 2006, are fully comparable.

On 1 October the merger of the Dutch subsidiary Ansaldo Signal N.V. into Ansaldo STS S.p.A. became effective.


In December 2009 a new company was formed in Brazil under the name Ansaldo STS Sistemas de Transporte e Sinalização Ltda. Capital was paid in 2010. This subsidiary is consolidated at net equity.

Our Chinese subsidiary, Ansaldo Railway System Technical Service (Beijing) Ltd, was renamed Ansaldo Railway System Trading (Beijing) Ltd.

Effective December 2010 Kazakhstan TZ-Ansaldo STS LLP a joint venture incorporated with JSC Remlokomotiv (of which joint control is governed by a shareholders’ agreement), has been consolidated using the proportional method. Our stake is 49%.

In 2010 Ansaldo STS, acquired from Corridor Infrastructure Development Holdings (Pty) Ltd its 49.3% stake in Ansaldo STS-Infradev South Africa (Pty) Ltd. through its subsidiary Ansaldo STS Australia. This brought our shareholding to 100% of the South African company. On 21 June 2010 the company name was changed to “Ansaldo STS South Africa (Pty) Ltd”.