Notes to the Statement of Financial Position

3.3.1 Transactions with related parties
3.3.2 Intangible assets
3.3.3 Property, plant and equipment
3.3.4 Equity investments
3.3.5 Receivables and other non-current assets
3.3.6 Inventories
3.3.7 Contract work in progress and advances from customers
3.3.8 Trade and financial receivables
3.3.9 Income tax receivables and payables
3.3.10 Other current assets
3.3.11 Cash and cash equivalents
3.3.12 Share capital
3.3.13 Retained earnings /(losses) carried forward, including net profit for the year and consolidation reserves
3.3.14 Other reserves
3.3.15 Minority interests in equity
3.3.16 Borrowings
3.3.17 Provisions for risks and charges and contingent current liabilities
3.3.18 Severance pay and other employee liabilities
3.3.19 Other current and non-current liabilities
3.3.20 Trade payables
3.3.21 Derivatives
3.3.22 Guarantees and other commitments