Risks and Uncertainties

Montaina Roma HQThe risks described below are the result of an analysis of the characteristics of the Ansaldo STS Group’s market and businesses together with the main outcomes of the updating of our Risk Assessment of processes.
Risk Assessment is designed to identify the main risks in respect of the processes defined as important, and the necessary mitigation actions, as well as the definition of the additional actions to be taken to reduce risk further or to improve process performance.

The Risk Assessment process adopted by Ansaldo STS uses the internationally recognised Enterprise Risk Management framework of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO report) which is intended to make Risk Assessment an integral part of the processes of planning and implementation of corporate objectives, in order to create value according to suitable risk management, as well as taking advantage of all opportunities.

This Risk Assessment process was initiated in 2009 and is now at the consolidation stage, both of the approach and of the supporting infrastructure.

The main risks and uncertainties faced by Ansaldo STS and the Group are described below in the Group’s classification, viz. strategic risk, operational risk, financial risk and information risk. There may be risks that have not been identified or are considered not markedly important, which could however impact the Group’s business activities.

Please see Section 3.7 of the Notes to the Accounts for the management of financial risks.