Human Resources

Our Group’s headcount at 31 December 2010 was 4,217 people, virtually unchanged from the 4,339 people reported at 31 December 2009.

COMPANY 2009 2010 Change
ASTS Italia* 1,523 1,570 + 47
ASTS France** 796 724 - 72
ASTS USA 832 839 + 7
ASTS APAC 1,124 1,021 -103
ASTS China 64 63 - 1
* Includes employees of ASTS Germany and ASTS Kazakhstan. ** Includes employees of ASTS UK, ASTS Ireland and ASTS Sweden.

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2010 was undoubtedly a historic year for Ansaldo STS. After months of preparation, on 1 January 2010 our new worldwide organisation was launched and the effects of an epochal revolution in our company could be felt in the field: the establishment of global professional families within which professionalism and ability are placed at the disposal of the business wherever it is in the world. 2010 saw the Company implementing an extraordinary action to meet the new needs of a global organisation.
The growing interrelations between staff belonging to different countries recorded in the year, which now give the Company a clear global connotation perfectly aligned with the needs of the market, required a review of corporate policies on human resources, which have always been considered a strategic factor for our Company, and one of the five values of Ansaldo STS. A new vision led our function in this challenging task in 2010: “support our people and the development of the business, by creating value for both”.
This tough mission was approached by directing activity along two main lines:

  • rationalisation and policies of efficiency improvement
  • development of resources and skills.

The rationalisation objective, the foundation of the ASTS organisation’s globalisation strategy, was broken down into three main areas.

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